lunes, 5 de marzo de 2018

INDIA: Festival Literario do Pobo, 24 eo 25 de marzo do 2018 Kolkata.

Peopleʹs literary festival in Kolkata


We, the Bastar Solidarity Network (Kolkata) are organizing a program that we are calling Peopleʹs Literary Festival (PLF henceforth) on 24-25 th March, 2018. The PLF wants to bring together a range of critical and resistant voices in the field of literary production from various corners of our country. It is clear that over time, agencies of the state, corporate interests and the socially powerful classes have mobilised regularly in tandem to directly silence the voices of critical personalities. Repression, censorship and directly inflicted violence on the producers of critical thought, art and literature have become almost a specialty of our times. However there has also been a barrage of specifically ideological forms of control that has otherwise in much more implicit and effective ways conducted these acts of silencing and the burial of resistance and criticism in the intellectual sphere. One may cite here the changes in school curriculum initiated by the current regime holding power at the Centre, as well as publishing and media housesʹ tendency to conform to or to the line of the State- a State committed to the consolidation of a Brahminical culture and absolute obedience to the implications of neoliberal corporate expansionism.
This ideological war by the powerful classes and a State increasingly exhibiting dangerously anti-Muslim fascist tendencies is further bolstered by the Corporate Cultural Responsibility manifested by events such as the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival, the Tata Literature Live in Mumbai, or the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival, to name a few. These festivals have now become the gathering ground of an international market for ʹIndianʹ literary production.The Peopleʹs Literary Festival is our attempt to orient literature to its critical social function. We are interested in bringing to the fore literature which recognizes the power structures around which our world is built and tries to envisage a way out of these chains forged by imperialist multinational capitalism, patriarchal oppression of women and marginalized gender identities, the foundational machinations of caste, by chauvinistic majoritarian nationalism and its oppression of all questions of self-determination. We will attempt to showcase and generate conversation emanating from writers who have in their own specific ways withstood the grasps of these chains in order to forge words and lines that have withstood and railed against the very historical constitution of these chains. And we want to do this without the diktats of any form of corporate sponsorship.
To make this event successful, we have talked intellectuals and writers who uncompromisingly wrote for people and struggle. They have agreed to advise and convene the event. This, we hope will initiate a necessary journey towards imagining a popular cultural form that will challenge and lay siege to what is dominant.We would request your presence at the Peopleʹs Literary Festival on 24-25 th March, 2018 to be held at Kolkata as we believe your invaluable contribution is essential for the success of the event.

May a thousand such festivals bloom!
Advisory Panel for the Peopleʹs Literary Festival
Sabyasachi Deb (Poet and literary Critique)
Krishna Bandapadhyay (Writer, Editor and Marxist Feminist)
Asok Chattopadhyay (Editor of Sanaskritik Samasamay, Writer of the book ʹKangalHarinathʹ)
Kanchan Kumar (Editor of Aamukh Magazine, Poet, Translator)

miércoles, 14 de febrero de 2018

Galiza: Solidariedade con Pablo Hasel

Dende o Comité Galego de Apoio a Guerra Popular na India queremos amosar todo o noso apoio e solidariedade de clase co camarada Pablo Hasel, sempre solidario coa causa da Guerra Popular na India, así como reclamar a súa total absolución deste xuizo farsa, que o que pretende é amedrentar e silenciar as persoas comprometidas  que din ás verdades deste sistema asasino chamado capitalismo.
Así mesmo aproveitamos para solidarizarnos co grupo de Hip Hop La Insurgencia, Emilio Cao e con todos os artistas e activistas que están sendo reprimidos polo Estado Represor Español.
Absolución Pablo Hasel!
Avante a solidariedade internacionalista!
Avante a Guerra Popular na India!

martes, 9 de enero de 2018

Resposta da Comisión Europea á pregunta da Europarlamentaria Lidia Senra sobre o caso do profesor GN Saibaba

Cunha nova demostración de cinismo, hipocresía e complicidade co xenocidio que se está a producir na India contra os pobos Adivasis, Dalits e activistas, a Comision Europea  respondeu a pregunta da Europarlamentaria Lidia Senra sobre a situación do profesor GN Saibaba, demostrando así o rol que xoga a UE na explotación e represión que sofre o pobo da India e máis concretamente no caso do profesor GN Saibaba onde cada dia que pasa é un dia máis de tortura.
Dende aqui esiximos a inmediata liberdade do profesor GN Saibaba e todas e todos os presos políticos da India, asi como o fin da Operación xenocida "Cacería Verde".
Respuesta de la vicepresidenta Mogherini
en nombre de la Comisión

Como signataria de los principales convenios internacionales en materia de derechos humanos y teniendo en cuenta su compromiso con las Naciones Unidas (ONU), la República de la India no ha cesado de esforzarse por avanzar en lo que respecta al respeto de los derechos humanos y de los principios democráticos. En relación con su participación en el Consejo de Derechos Humanos de las Naciones Unidas y, más recientemente, en el marco de su tercer examen periódico universal, que ha contado con una gran participación de los Estados miembros de la UE, la India ha prometido nuevas medidas para mejorar la situación de los derechos humanos y cumplir sus obligaciones en la materia, con especial hincapié en el desarrollo económico y social y en la erradicación de la pobreza.

La UE sigue estando muy atenta al asunto del profesor Saibaba, condenado por el juzgado del distrito de Gadchiroli (Maharashtra) en marzo de 2017. Puesto que el profesor ha interpuesto un recurso ante el Tribunal Superior de Nagpur, debe aguardarse a que este se pronuncie. Desde hace tiempo, la UE viene planteando el asunto por razones humanitarias ante las autoridades indias. "


With a new demonstration of cynicism, hypocrisy and complicity with the genocide that is occurring in India against the Adivasis, Dalits and activists, the European Commission responded to the question of Euro-parliamentary Lidia Senra on the situation of Professor GN Saibaba, thus demonstrating the role that The EU plays the exploitation and repression suffered by the people of India and more specifically in the case of Professor GN Saibaba where every day that passes is another day of torture.

From here we demand the immediate freedom of Professor GN Saibaba and all political prisoners of India, as well as the end of the Genocide Operation "Green Hunt."
Answer given by Vice-President Mogherini
on behalf of the Commission

As a signatory to major international human rights conventions and given its commitment to the United Nations (UN), the Republic of India has made constant efforts to progress with regard to respect for human rights and democratic principles. In connection with its membership in the UN Human Rights Council and most recently in the context of its third Universal Periodic Review, with strong participation of the EU Member States, it has pledged further action to improve the human rights situation and to fulfil its human rights obligations, with a particular emphasis on socio-economic development and the eradication of poverty.

The EU continues to follow the case of professor Saibaba convicted by sessions court in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra in March 2017. As Professor Saibaba lodged an appeal against the verdict with the Nagpur High Court, the case is still sub judice. The EU has been raising the case on humanitarian grounds with the Indian authorities. "

India: Conferencia de imprenta Free Saibaba!